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A pocket guide to proper conduct on the golf course
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Etiquette... it's what makes golf great!
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“Golf Etiquette 101 is for anyone who wants a better understanding of the principles of good golf etiquette.  The simple bullet points in this guide make learning golf etiquette easy for beginners and experienced golfers alike.”
Ian Baker-Finch – CBS Golf Analyst; 1991 Open Champion

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SCPGA Neighborhood Golf
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Tony was on "The Coach's Soapbox" in August of 2009.  We couldn't get the audio from the interview; hopefully you heard it!  Keep checking back with us to learn about upcoming features and interviews!


Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy Interview

Tony was interviewed on "Golf Talk Radio with Mike and Billy" in December of 2009.  You can click on the link HERE to be directed to the blogspot or click below to listen to the interview.


The SCPGA PROgram - September 2009
In the September 2009 issue of the SCPGA Program, Chris Austin wrote a great two-page feature (p. 12-13) on Golf Etiquette 101.  He is also responsible for taking the cover photo for the book.  Thank you for all of your assistance and continued support Chris!  Click on the cover photo to view the complete September issue.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rates Golf Etiquette 101 a "Top 10 Product" at 2009 PGA Fall Expo!
The 2009 PGA Fall Expo in Las Vegas had it's usual share of new products.  Tony met Andrew Birnbaum, CEO of Rankmark while walking the show floor.  Andrew was doing a feature for their website on the "Top 10 Products" he saw at the show.  Not only is it an honor to make the list, but considering we were not an official exibitor, it's even more impressive that we made the top five!


    Your actions on the golf course will say the most about you as a golfer - much more than your golf clubs or score ever will.  Etiquette has to do with manners.  Golfers should show courtesy and sportsmanship at all times to their playing partners.  The game of golf has a rich heritage based on a code of honor and proper etiquette.  No other sport played by millions of amateurs worldwide and professionals for millions of dollars in prize money has a system of penalties whereby the player is required to call penalties on themselves. 


    There are a few rules of golf etiquette that apply all the time, while others are specific to certain areas of the course.  This guide is designed to help the reader understand the basic elements of golf etiquette and what is expected of them when they play a round of golf.


    Remember, golf is a game.  My hope is that you will remember and enjoy using these golf etiquette tips.  Play well and have fun!

Good Golfing!

Tony Letendre, PGA


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