Golf Etiquette
A pocket guide to proper conduct on the golf course
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About the Author

    Elected to PGA Membership in May of 2004, Tony had always dreamed of being a professional golfer.  Like most, the dream started with wanting to play for a living, but he found the next best thing is competing at the Chapter and Section levels and inspiring up-and-coming golfers to achieve their goals.


    When asked to present a solution to an “industry challenge” during his Level 3 Final Experience, Tony looked at his own teaching and realized that he taught new golfers how to play the game, but not the etiquette principles on which the game was founded.  And yet golf etiquette had been the first thing Tony was taught.


    Now with a family of his own, Tony looks to pass along his knowledge.  Golf Etiquette 101 is designed for men, women, seniors, juniors; anyone taking up golf for the first time, as well as experienced golfers.  After all, it’s never too late to learn good golf etiquette!

Tony Letendre, PGA


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